COVID-19 Info

Texas Supreme Court

Collin County District Courts

470th District Court

The 470th District Court has resumed hearing all contested matters in person. If a court participant has COVID, symptoms, or exposure, please contact the court at as soon as possible to request to appear remotely. Participants outside the DFW area may also appear remotely.

Uncontested matters may be set by Zoom at 1:30pm.

Open Courts –


To notice a hearing by remote appearance, submit this notice or include the following language in your notice:

"This matter is set for hearing on 3/27/2020 at 9:30am by remote appearance. To appear by phone, dial (346) 248-7799 and enter Meeting ID 123 456 789. To appear by video, download the free Zoom app. Exhibits must be submitted to the court at, copying opposing parties, at least 24 hours before your hearing."